A growing footprint of global hydrogen hubs enabling the transition to zero
emission hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle Value Chain for Saudi Arabia

  • NEOM
  • Saudi Arabia
Hyzon Motors, NEOM and Modern Group plan to collaborate on hydrogen-powered vehicle value chain in Saudi Arabia.
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Australian Hydrogen Refueling Network

  • Pure Hydrogen
  • Australia
A fully integrated hydrogen supply, delivery and refueling points in Australia, and wet lease solution for fleet operators.
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Biogas-to-Hydrogen Mobility Projects

  • ReCarbon Inc
  • Global
Greenhouse gas utilization technology deployment to grow renewable hydrogen facilities from waste sources worldwide.
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California Clean Mobility Projects

  • Raven SR
  • United States
US-based clean hydrogen mobility projects converting waste into hydrogen for the transport market.
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Christmas Creek Renewable Hydrogen Mobility Project

  • Fortescue Metals Group
  • Australia
Deployment of 10 Hyzon full-sized hydrogen coaches, to replace an existing fleet of diesel coaches at Fortescue’s Christmas Creek mine from 2021.
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Coalition for 100,000 Hydrogen Heavy-Duty Trucks in Europe

  • Hydrogen Europe
  • Europe
Cross industry collaboration to deploy up to 100,000 fuel cell heavy-duty trucks from 2030 onwards and up to 1,500 hydrogen refueling stations.
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New Zealand Hydrogen Infrastructure and Heavy-Truck Deployment

  • Hiringa
  • New Zealand
Hydrogen production and refuelling network across New Zealand focused primarily on the heavy vehicle market.
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SunHQ Hydrogen Hub

  • Ark Energy
  • Australia
Hydrogen hub, ‘SunHQ’, adjacent to the Sun Metals zinc refinery in Queensland, Australia supplying hydrogen for heavy-duty mobility.
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